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Hey there!! And welcome to the latest section of the Katherine Elizabeth Photography blog where I have reached out to some of the amazingly talented wedding creatives that I have personally collaborated with to ask them to share a bit more about their business and give some advice to all of you planning your weddings, and even some advice for those looking to break into the wedding professional world.

KEphoto's first featured wedding professional is the sweet and spunky Emma Bogardus of By Emma B.| Wedding Planning & Design. Emma and I first worked together on a gorgeous wedding in New Hampshire, and let me just say... this woman is organized, professional, and loads of fun to work with! After many other collaborations together I am pleased to add her to my Vendor Spotlight list, giving her the KEphoto seal of approval. Take a look below to learn more about By Emma B., to see if she may be the perfect fit to help plan and design your wedding.


Emma B:

Hi! I am Emma B, I am the owner of By Emma B, a wedding planning & design company based out of the White Mountains of New Hamshire. By Emma B designs stylistically pure weddings for contemporary couples worldwide. Some wonder how I ended up as a wedding planner, my answer, I have always been one, I just never knew until I became an adult. During the summers I would label & stamp all of my back-to-school party envelopes and send them to my close friends in hopes of hosting one final sleepover before the school year started. In preparation for the party, I'd make a timeline for all of the activities my girlfriends and I would partake in. I had every activity detailed on scratch paper in hopes of not missing one second of fun. Coincidentally as I got older I fell into party planning positions, such as heading the prom committee, detailing the school's winter carnival decor, and hosting a community tea party to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network. In college, my mom, a wedding baker, urged me to apply for the assistant event coordinator position at an up-and-coming resort in the area. The job clicked and I climbed the companies ladder to eventually head the wedding planning department. I have always had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and building a company that I could label as mine. I started working for other industry professionals to learn how they operated their businesses and crafted events. With the support of my [friends and family], I soon founded By Emma B!

Emma B:

The most distinct characteristics of the honey bee are teamwork and community. By Emma B's philosophy and collaborative techniques are inspired by the bee, hence, why our logo is the outline of a gold bee. We admire the mountains in which we live and, out of respect, do our best to conduct each couples wedding day in the most sustainable way possible. We work with nature as opposed to making nature work for us. Whether we establish small changes like using reusable candles or larger steps such as eliminating food waste, By Emma B keeps the environment in mind when planning the details of every celebration.

Emma B:

Sperry Tents are one of my favorite structures to plan parties under. I am looking forward to all the pendant lights & floral installations that will soon float among the tent ceiling. Large statement installations are so impactful to the entire design experience of the wedding.

Emma B:

If you have just gotten engaged please take the time to book a consultation with a wedding planner! Aligning your vision of your wedding day with the logistical and financial reality of the event is essential before moving forward with detailed planning. Many time's couples get giddy and put deposits on vendors before they have outlined an obtainable vision or budget. A consultation with a wedding planner first thing in the planning process will ensure you start your journey on the right foot.

Emma B:

Foster as many relationships with other professionals in our industry and in your community! Social media is impactful, however, the most consistent referral base will be from individuals who support you and enjoy working with you! Whether you go on a coffee date, send a handwritten note, or write an encouraging email, growing your network will continue to be your most valuable asset.

By Emma B is continuing to take consultation bookings for 2021 and wedding celebration bookings for 2022! Reach out now to claim your date!

website: // email: // cell: 603.616.2526

Instagram: @byemmab // Facebook: @byemmabweddingplanninganddesign

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