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Hello, Hello! This week's Vendor Spotlight is of the amazing event planning duo/power couple Maricela and Evan Ehmann of Ehmann Events! I met Maricela through a chance meeting when my husband got her card after selling the Ehmann's their new truck for their business. I am so happy he forwarded their information to me as I have enjoyed working with their Killington, Vermont-based events and venue management company immensely. One of my favorite parts of meeting Maricela was learning about the Wedding and Events Vendor Alliance (WEVA) which she is the Executive Director/Board President. If you have ventured into the core values on my Kephoto website I talk a little bit about this amazing group that I have become a member of and the important work we are doing to help educate ourselves in order to provide amazing and inclusive services to all our clients. I look forward to doing a blog feature on WEVA in the next few months.

Now without further ado, scroll on down to check out the thoughts and suggestions Maricela has for you to see if you feel Ehmann Events will be the perfect planner and or venue manager for you.



My husband and I moved to Vermont from California four years ago and started our company in the heart of the Green Mountains. We both gained a significant amount of experience in the events industry when working some of the most premiere social events in the San Francisco Bay Area. I always wanted to start an event services company and when I didn't find a company with the qualities and structure I was used to - I started one!


I feel I am pretty personable while keeping high quality standards in our operations - and so is our team! Our clients expectations are always met and we try our hardest to make sure the planning process is also enjoyable. We aim to be accessible in many ways by starting with the way we structure our services. We truly listen to the areas our potential clients need assistance and build our plans with an "a la carte" approach. This not only tailors each proposal to specific events details but also a wide variety of budgets. We love to support industry professionals in any way we can, so when we get opportunities to collaborate - we take them!


The thoughtful approach many of our clients are taking with their guests. There is a shift in weddings this year with the focus being moved to the over all experience for every person involved rather than just the couple. It means a lot more to be part of the gathering or celebration. Clients are applying this to table seating, pre wedding events, favors, food service and menu choices - all of it!


Remember that the most important thing is getting married and starting this new chapter in your journey with your partner. Be thoughtful, creative, and have an open mind. Focus on the reason you are gathering loved ones - your union.


Align your personal beliefs and personality to your business practices, brand + marketing. I started to truly connect with my ideal clients as soon as I was authentic (and vocal) about certain political, racial, and community topics. Not only am I providing for those individuals who are looking to find a planner who aligns with them personally, but it also creates a deeper connection during the planning process.

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