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Hello, again! It is time for the next Vendor Spotlight post featuring the

Massachusetts-based wedding and event planner Bethany O'Neil owner of Something Pretty Events. Let's just say after working with Bethany and reviewing her interveiw answers I think I may have found my new soulmate when it comes to the wedding vendor world. This super amazing planner is a lover of true-crime podcasts (just like me- hey Morbid weirdos!) and has an amazing ability to connect with everyone she works with, in a personal, yet professional manner that makes you feel like she just knows what you are looking for even if you can't quite express it fully. If you are looking for a wedding or event planner who will help you every step of the way you are definitely going to want to look into hiring Bethany! Scroll down to learn more!



I started working in weddings as an intern in college when I got accepted to an internship program in NYC working for Jes Gordon who runs properFUN, an event and wedding planning company. Learning from her was one of the best moments of my life, and after that internship I decided to pursue wedding planning full time. I started as an unpaid intern at an event planning company in Portland, Maine after I completed college and decided to earn my event planning certification. It took two full years to transition from a full time unpaid intern to full time planner, and after that I never looked back.


I feel as though not only do I take a tremendous amount of time and energy focusing on the comfort of my clients, but I also thoroughly enjoy my communications with other vendors. I thrive on completing an event that showcases the expertise and value of my fellow vendors. The goal is for everyone to shine bright, right? I also love to get my hands dirty, if it's moving tables or putting out fires (physical or emotional) no problem, I live for the stress.


Well, this is a tough one! I have been working in barns and farms for many years now, so I always love to see a fun combination of modern and rustic aesthetics. I think it can be so fun to utilize metals and clean lines inside of a more rustic space. But, I have to admit - I've been obsessed with all of the dried and dyed florals that have been more present as well. They just add such a modern design twist on any event they are in. And last but not least, I've been loving all of the velvet, and if it's jewel toned, even better! Give me all of the boutonnieres, bouquets and bridesmaids dresses in dramatic velvet colors.


Many of my clients are in the midst of planning COVID friendly weddings, and with everything going on in the world I always encourage my clients to be aware of all of the restrictions. I insist that you plan as though they will be necessary in the future. Although I'd love to tell all of my clients we may not be dealing with this in the fall, or next year, it's better to get yourself a big enough tent, enough tables, etc., to ensure that if restrictions are still in place you are prepared!


Start small! The best way to learn weddings is to work weddings, I definitely did not get here overnight. It took me nearly a decade to start my own business after working events from NYC to all over Maine. I highly suggest internship programs, or simply working for catering staff or as another wedding vendors assistant before deciding to make the jump! Although it is an incredibly fun and fulfilling career, the level of work before, during and after the event far surpasses what I ever believed when I was younger. It's best to see it many times (because every wedding is different) to ensure you really have a handle on it. In addition, there are many online certification programs - I received mine through New York Institute of Art & Design, and this can be completed on your own time as you intern or work in the field.


Making the transition to owning my own business was hands down the scariest thing I had ever done. To leave my well paying job to break out doing this on my own was absolutely terrifying, but it has been the most rewarding experience. I wouldn't trade this career or my clients for the world.

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