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Wedding photographer, wife, mother, 

and so much more...

I'm so happy to tell you a little bit more about myself and my origin story of becoming a professional photographer. I first discovered my affection for photography while attending the White Mountain School, in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, NH.  With the help of a talented photography teacher, I was able to understand the importance of not only the technical part of taking a photo but also being aware of the feeling a photo creates once captured.  I feel every great photo has its own tale to tell, and I hope to evoke those feelings upon the viewer with my work.


​After high school I put my passion for photography on the back burner of life, as I became more focused on my other love, working with children. Throughout college, I worked diligently to become a teacher and mentor for students and parents. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, I taught early childhood education for ten years in the public school systems spreading my time between New Hampshire, Wyoming, and Vermont classrooms, all while starting up my small photography business as a part-time passion project. 


Now, I've entered into a new chapter in my life as a full-time wedding and portrait photographer in the quaint village of Francestown, New Hampshire. With the loving support of my husband and girls, I have been able to prioritize my professional photography goals and have built my passion project into a thriving photography business. 

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and learn about some of my passions beyond photography


Don't let my married name fool you! My roots link back to Scotland and my Scottish heritage has always been important to me. Taking pride in my ancestral roots has led me to appreciate others who celebrate their own cultural heritage and traditions.



Tracing my family tree and looking into my DNA is a favorite pastime of mine. I've always loved history, and learning about my own family's history is fascinating to me.



Traveling to new places and meeting new people will always be my happy place. I may choose to live in the mountains year-round, but exploring cities, islands, and everything in-between makes my heart sing.

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course


Sports have always been a part of my life, from horseback riding to team sports like lacrosse and basketball. My newest love has been playing golf with my husband and daughters.



Kate was absolutely amazing. She was so warm and made everyone feel so relaxed. We are in love with our wedding photos and are so so glad we found her. She went absolutely above and beyond. Would recommend to everyone!

Melissa & Jake


Contact Kate to find out more!

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