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CORE VALUES | Purpose and Intension

01. Service 

Every wedding and portrait session is as unique as my clients.  I understand that uniqueness is something to be celebrated. I strive to listen to each of my clients’ individual needs and wants in order to see how we can achieve these goals, while still keeping the KRphoto artistic style intact.  

KRphoto is a proud member of the Wedding and Event Vendor Alliance (WEVA) where members pledge to participate in annual diversity and inclusion education in order to provide a safe environment to celebrate the beautiful spectrum of love for all people regardless of race, religion, identity, sexual orientation, age, or ability. 

02. Communication

It is my goal to treat each of my clients with respect, honesty, and integrity. I look to provide quick and thorough communication with each of my clients and offer multiple ways of interaction.  We can email, text, video chat, or talk over the phone. I understand everyone has a busy life and I do my best to offer the easiest way for us to plan our time together.  


03. Atmosphere

I find it important to create a positive and professional atmosphere from the moment you first contact me to the day you receive your finalized images and heirloom keepsakes. I have found through my many years of documenting weddings and capturing portraits that having someone that strives to keep a happy, calm, and positive climate (especially during your wedding day) is very crucial as it will help set the tone during our time spent together.


04. Expertise

I have been professionally photographing since 2011.  I originally began as an assistant and then a second shooter for other talented wedding photographers, before starting to shoot portrait sessions and weddings as the lead photographer starting in 2012.  


05. Anti-Racism Policy

Kate Rautenberg Photography is committed to the mission of increasing cultural respect by cultivating a greater understanding of concepts of diversity, inclusion, equity, implicit bias, white privilege, white supremacy, and systemic racism specifically within the wedding and event industry. KRphoto will not participate in any wedding, event, and/or session where racist behavior (in any form) is taking place.


01. Photography Style


​As an artist, I approach the day from a fine art and photojournalistic stand point. I will look to capture authentic non-directed moments throughout our time together, as well as aid you with directions and cues during our portrait portion, to give you ample opportunities to create intimate and romantic moments. I love the emotional aspect that well-captured photographs can create, and I strive to produce these meaningful images to enhance your visual story. 

02. Editing Style

​I personally edit each final image to match my bright, clean, and honest vision.  I do edit the occasional blemish and/or distracting element of the images that need it, but I try to keep each image authentic to the actual story that occurred.  My hope is to celebrate your story by creating timeless images for you to share for generations to come.


03. Staying True


There are many different photography types and styles in the world. And I find all forms to be beautiful in their own way.  Respectfully, I have developed my own unique artistic style that I offer my clients, and because I stay true to this style, I can offer consistent timeless results every time.  If you are someone looking for beautifully captured images that tell a story in a joyful and honest way you are in the right place

04. More Info

Want to know more about WEVA?


Click on the badge below to head over to the WEVA website and learn what it takes to become a member.

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